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Case size:36 MM

Case material:white Gold

Bracelet material:Crocodile – Blue

Dial type:silver

Water resistance:Water Resistant

The Swiss movement has the same parameters as the ordinary movement, and the casing material and movement used are closer to the genuine one.
Swiss movement 2-year warranty.
Top Swiss movement with a 5-year warranty.
Swiss movement details:

Rolex Day-Date series 118135/118138/118139 [eight colors complete]. In order to control the size and thickness to be officially consistent, the 2836-2 fully automatic mechanical movement is specially used, and the new 904L steel case is presented! [Upgrade 1] Head grain. Consistent with the official position, it has a prominent position and a smooth finish with the strap! [Upgrade 2] Strap. The primary color on the front is matched with the genuine one, and the coding on the reverse side is 346763. The official printing is consistent, along with the font and color, and even the line of the strap is synchronized with the official! [Upgrade 3] Glass. The anti-counterfeiting logo on the sapphire glass is Rolex's new virtual dot logo and is printed in the middle of the glass through technology. [Upgrade 4] The back cover. The four angle lugs are the same as the original, paying attention to the difference between the white shell and the gold shell, and the rose gold shell! Together with the lasa and smooth parts of the back cover, all focus on restoration! [Upgrade 5] Sideways: The side curvature of the case and the overall thickness are proportional to the official one. The official side of the head is synchronized with the second-degree waterproof mark, and the side is still the same as the official one with a QR code! The representative of "Jin Lao" is Rolex Day-Date , referred to as DD, the official full name is Osyter Perpetual Day-Date (Oyster Perpetual Day-Date), the earliest DD should be the President series, because the President of the United States once loved to wear Rolex's full gold DD, so later this watch became famous in one fell swoop. Also known as the "Presidential Table". In four simple words, the characteristics of this watch have been clearly stated, waterproof, automatic, calendar, week.

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