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Case size:36 MM

Case material:Steel

Bracelet material:Steel (Oyster)

Dial type:grey

Water resistance:Water Resistant

The Swiss movement has the same parameters as the ordinary movement, and the casing material and movement used are closer to the genuine one.
Swiss movement 2-year warranty.
Top Swiss movement with a 5-year warranty.
Swiss movement details:

GMF.ROLEX DATEJUST Super 904L The strongest version of the Datejust 36 series watch. After many times of opening and printing, the details of the defects are constantly corrected, and all the details of the literal printing comparison, the polishing of the pointer and the gloss have been overcome one by one. The case and strap are made of real Oyster 904L steel, until the final shipment Called a replica-level replica artifact, the 36mm diameter is stable but not too atmospheric. It breaks through the gender restrictions of all walks of life and is suitable for all kinds of people. It is equipped with the most stable 2824 movement and is matched with genuine purchasing packaging.

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