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Case size:36MM

Case material:Steel

Bracelet material:Steel

Dial type:Champagne

Water resistance:Water Resistant

The Swiss movement has the same parameters as the ordinary movement, and the casing material and movement used are closer to the genuine one.
Swiss movement 2-year warranty.
Top Swiss movement with a 5-year warranty.

Swiss movement details:

BP Rolex Week 36 Type
The original 904L steel is used, and the dial has 18CT gold, inlaid with Swarovo diamonds. ️ Oyster case structure, integrated middle case, spin into the bottom cover and the upper chain list. ️ Structural size synchronization original, 36 mm in diameter. ️ Equipped with the 2836 automatic chain movement, fast -adjusting week calendar, the original version of the time, thickness, and structure synchronization.

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