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Case size:40 MM

Case material:Steel

Bracelet material:Steel

Dial type:Black

Water resistance:Water Resistant

The Swiss movement has the same parameters as the ordinary movement, and the casing material and movement used are closer to the genuine one.
Swiss movement 2-year warranty.
Top Swiss movement with a 5-year warranty.

Swiss movement details:

TW Rolex Universe chronograph Tongtong (Rainbow Di)
When the watch meets the rainbow luxurious and beautiful collision-TW's new cosmic chronograph Di Tong Di Tong La Nao Steel Watch Rainbow Di model The latest design will be high-tech and extraordinary American Communist Party.
[Case] The size is 40mm, the oyster case guarantees the waterproof 100 meters, and the case is made of a whole solid 904L steel.
[Circle mouth] The inlay is optimized according to the 36 gems of the original color gradient transition. The height and angle are consistent, and the refractive effect is very beautiful. [Noodles] Literally reflects each timing plate for light. The color is bright and bright, and the small eye position is aimed at the original, unique.
[Mirror] Mirror surface is made of sagro crystal, which is not easy to scrape.
[Movement] 7750 changes to the original 4130 movement, (airless) is efficient and stable to achieve full functional timing.
[Belt] Watch with a folding buckle, which is also made of 904L steel, and the buckle has a fine -tuning device, which can be adjusted to a very fitted wrist.

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