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Range:Day Date




Case size:36mm

Case material:Steel 

Bracelet material:Steel (Jubilee)

Dial type:MOP

Water resistance: 50m Water Resistant

The Swiss movement has the same parameters as the ordinary movement, and the casing material and movement used are closer to the genuine one.
Swiss movement 2-year warranty.
Top Swiss movement with a 5-year warranty.

Swiss movement details:

Ew Rolex Sunday Log Type 36mm
The original 3255 automatic mechanical movement 128238 series watches, 36 mm diameter, R & D takes one and a half years, the original version is 1-1.
Focus on upgrading the following points:
1. The diameter of the case is consistent with the latest version of the 2019 latest version of the 3255 series.
2. The strap head is consistent with the original, 5 pieces of assembly, and the difficulty is very high. The strap is seamlessly connected with the case.
3. Modify below the crown of the head to two dots consistent with the original version.
4. The buckle is consistent with the original version, the font size process is consistent with the original.
5. The side of the case is consistent with the original version of the QR code anti -counterfeiting, and the bottom cover has a QR code for inspection.
6. The housing body of the case and the strap is engraved with the same model number 128238.
7. The inner film circle of the table is engraved with the number of products that are consistent with the warranty card, and the one -card, one card, one code, one code of the genuine product will never be repeated)
8. The full set of original set configuration includes (warranty card, instruction manual, the model bar code is consistent with genuine) full packaging is consistent with genuine products (the real original original one -week calendar type)

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